Review: Wellybix

Woof and a fluffy hello to everyone!

I have a different review for you today! I am reviewing two delicious treats from Wellybix: Hand Baked Dog Treats! Let’s get to it, shall we? 😉

Who Are Wellybix?


Wellybix is a thriving little company run by the lovely Alison and her Jack Russell, Welly! As I’m sure you’ve guessed, Welly is the inspiration behind Wellybix 😉

Alison worked as a pastry chef before being inspired to open up her own homemade doggie treat company after baking some tasty treats for Welly a few years ago. It went from treats just for Welly, to treats for pooches visiting the local holiday cottages, to a fully fledged treat company with their own online store! They also supply a number of pet and farm shops around the UK.

Who doesn’t love a happy business story like this! 😀 Onward and upward for this lovely company!

On that note, if you’d like to be a Wellybix supplier, just give Alison and Welly a shout 🙂

Review time!

In truth, this review has been a long time coming :S It was back in late June when Welly gave a shoutout on Twitter for any pooches that would like a sample of their treats to review. I, of course, was very excited to try some new doggie biscuits, so I sent him a reply, wagging my tail and saying “Me please!”

Within a week the treats had been organised, baked and zoomed through the post to our door! I sampled the treats at the start of July (a little before my blog was launched) and it’s now late September… A mix of mom being busy (and a little lazy :P) caused this delay, and I want to apologise so so much to Alison and Welly for taking this long! You’ve been so patient with me, thank you!

So what did you think?


The first thing I noticed when I opened up my tasty-smelling package was the cute paw-print tissue wrapping. It was kept together with a couple of sticker tabs with the Wellybix logo, a cute touch I thought!

The packaging of the treats themselves were also eye catching with their colourful labels and little windows (my tail was going into overdrive when I could see the biscuits through the window!). The bags the treats came in sealed up well enough to keep the biscuits fresh for us until we gobbled them all down. Each brown packet contains 110g of biscuits to nibble on and retail at the low price of £3.25.


I got two different flavours to try out; Chocolate Flavour with Carob and Oats and Carrot with Fresh Parsley.

I had some help testing these treats out (I’m only little, I couldn’t eat them all myself 😉 ). Oscar was more than happy to help me out! Even my mom helped, but she worked more on the smell than the taste. Although, since Wellybix make treats that have no artificial preservatives, colours, flavour enhancers, salt or sugar, she could have had some if she wanted since they are totally safe for both pooches and people! With the increasing amount of preservatives and chemicals appearing in food these days, it’s always great to find all-natural yummy goodness 😉

What’s up doc?


The first biscuits we tried out were the Carrot with Fresh Parsley ones. I personally loooooove raw carrots so I was naturally very happy with these treats! The ingredients are:

  • Whole wheat and plain flour
  • Oats (Is high in fibre, which aids digestion)
  • Wheatgerm
  • Milk Powder
  • Flaxseed (Is high in fibre, just like the oats)
  • Fresh Pressed Carrot Juice (Contains vitamins A & E, which are great for healthy skin)
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Fresh Parsley (Contains vitamins A & C, calcium, magnesium and iron)

See? Full of natural and beneficial goodness! It’s a bonus that they taste good 😉 These became my bedtime treat for a couple of nights, and I couldn’t wait for them!

Chocolate for a pooch?


Now I know what you’re thinking when you read that the second flavour is Chocolate with Carob and Oats; “But Lu, isn’t chocolate poisonous to dogs?”

And you would be right! But even though this treat says chocolate, tastes like chocolate and smells like chocolate (mom says they smell like chocolate chip cookies), there is actually no chocolate in it! It’s all got to do with the clever mix of flavours that Alison has put together to give the illusion of chocolate to us pooches, without the risk of us getting sick 😉 The ingredients are:

  • Wholewheat and Plain Flour
  • Oats
  • Wheatgerm
  • Carob Flakes
  • Skimmed Milk Powder
  • Sunflower oil
  • Water


Not a drop of chocolate in sight! It fooled my mom; she had to double check the ingredients since she couldn’t believe that what she was smelling wasn’t actual chocolate.

Now I have to admit, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the chocolate treat myself. Us Yorkies are known to be fussy eaters and this was one of those moments. However, my cousin Oscar wolfed them down very happily! We made the trade off that I would have the carrot treats while he had the chocolate. Win win really, there was no fighting over the treats that way 😉

And that’s not all!

At the time of writing this review, there are seven different flavours to choose from on the Wellybix website:

Each of the 110g packets are only £3.25 and there’s a Biscuit Selection Pack for £12 where you can choose four different flavours to get your teeth into.

But wait, there’s more!

Wellybix don’t just do doggie biscuits, they sell a whole range of items in their online store! Some of the items include;

There’s so much choice! There’s even a recipe section just in case you want to try and make your own doggie delights 😉

Oh also, not only did Welly send me some treats to try out, but he also sent me a £5 voucher off a Ruffle Snuffle toy! I did take advantage of this great offer and got a Ruffle Snuffle for myself. I’ll have more on this in a future review 🙂

To wrap up


I would have to give Wellybix four paws up for everything! The treats, the packaging, the quick shipping, and the contact. I’ve spoken to Alison and Welly many times on Twitter and they are always so cheerful and fun to talk to! They’re super active on Twitter, so that’s a good place to find them. You can also find them at any of these links below:

While it took me a little while to write this, I hope you enjoyed my review! I will definitely be making another Wellybix order soon (once I work my way through the treats I have left in my treat-box 😉 ).

Have you tried any of Wellybix’s treats? What did you think? 🙂

Until next time, thank you very much for reading! I hope you have a great week!



* Wellybix very kindly supplied these treats for me to review. All opinions in this review are my own and are very honest. I like to say it as it is! 😉

Review: Pooch Post – August 2016

Woof and hello to everyone!

How is everyone doing? I hope you’re well! It’s been a very busy week here at the Fluffy household! The big news is that my pawrents got engaged last Sunday! My dad surprised my mom after they had a lovely picnic overlooking the Kinsale harbour. Humans are silly things, mommy was crying even though she was happy. I don’t understand them sometimes!

Enough of the humans, let’s get back to the doggie business! I’m back with another Pooch Post review for you all! This month’s box arrived as promptly as ever on the 17th of August. The reason it has taken me a couple of weeks to get this review up is that I thought it would be a good idea to test out the products for a little while first so that I could give you a proper review 🙂 I think I might keep this format, let me know what you think!

What is Pooch Post?


Pooch Post is a subscription box service based in Ireland. The lovely Lilly is the main pup in charge with her dad, Stephen. They work hard every month to gather up different products and treats for their customers to enjoy, and Lilly has the wonderful job of being the chief tester for everything. What a lucky pooch! Pooch Post is a great way to get a variety of tried and tested products delivered to your door each month. If something doesn’t get the Lilly tail-wag of approval, it doesn’t get in the box, so you know everything is good 🙂

If you would like to learn more about Pooch Post, pop over to their site here:

Somewhere along the delivery line my poor box must have hit the floor, so please excuse it not being in any photos this month! Thankfully the box is very sturdy, so none of the goodies got damaged. My daddy tried to hide the box from me when it arrived but I could see it up on the couch and he couldn’t stop me getting all excited! I know the box, and I know it’s for me 😉

So, what did you get this month?

This month, we got five new items and also a flyer that gives us 20% off and experience with Pawtrait Photography! I just had a browse through her site and wow, she takes amazing photos of pooches! Please do go have a look, there are some stunning photographs there 🙂

We also got our usual Pooch Post flyer detailing our goodies, and the next issue of the Cold Noses Newsletter. This time there was a listing of on-demand veterinarian support websites (for those times when you need some advice but can’t get to a vet), a piece on dealing with separation anxiety, a recipe for some tasty homemade treats, a piece defending Pit Bulls (very important as the breed is highly misunderstood!), and more!


The piece that caught our attention on the newsletter was about xylitol and how dangerous it is for dogs. It’s a sugar substitute that is in so many products nowadays (including in some brands of a common doggie favourite, peanut butter!) and it could actually kill your pooch! We had a personal experience with xylitol after my cousin Oscar snuck into his mom’s bag and ate her bubble gum. My aunt and mom had to make an emergency call to the vet and Oscar had to get an injection to make him sick before it got into his system. So be very careful furends! Ask your pawrents to check the labels!

Cheeky Dog Bakery: Cupcake Cookie

The first item in the box this month was another tasty treat from Cheeky Dog Bakery. This is one of the two Irish companies that are partnered with Pooch Post, which means that each month you are guaranteed to get one of their delicious handmade dog treats to enjoy. This month it was a lovely tasty cookie in the shape of a cupcake!

This little treat is made with a peanut butter base (definitely no xylitol in there!) and covered with yummy (and dog friendly!) icing. Tasty!! After I tossed the packet around for a while trying to open it, mom finally got the hint and opened it for me (silly mom!). I was once again a very caring cousin and let Oscar have the top half 😉 I nibbled the icing off of the cookie first before snacking down on half of my share. I had the rest for breakfast the next day! Who wouldn’t want cookies with their breakfast? 😉

Soopa: Papaya Chews

Soopais the second Irish company partnered with Pooch Post. These guys focus on bringing pets super healthy treats that are low calorie, nutritious and also very tasty. Last month we got the Coconut Chews, and this month we got the Papaya Chews!

I looooove these Papaya Chews! I don’t know what it is about them, but I simply love to get my little teeth into them! They smell good and taste good, and have lots of benefits, such as:

  • Low Calorie, 1g of fat per 100g
  • One of your Dogs Five a Day
  • Rich in Anti Oxidants
  • Contains ‘Papain’ which Aids Digestion

These treats are always a winner with us 🙂

Green & Wilds: Antler Powder – Dietary Supplement

This is the second Green & Wilds treat in a row that we got in Pooch Post and it didn’t disappoint! My mom knew there was something with this little grey tube that had caught my nose’s attention when I insisted on it being taken out of the box and kept trying to open it myself. You can see the proof below!

I’ve never heard of Antler Powder before, but I have an antler chew that I enjoy so that’s probably why my nose was interested. Don’t worry, it’s all natural and taken from antlers that free roaming deer have shed themselves. So it’s totally cruelty free (very important!) and it’s packed with high volumes of natural minerals and nutrients, which aid circulation, metabolism and other things.

My mom said it’s like when they sprinkle a little salt on their food 🙂 I don’t know what that tastes like, but all I know is that my bowl has been cleared almost every single time this has been sprinkled on my food! Mom is very impressed! My cousin Oscar isn’t as keen (he wouldn’t eat the food with the powder on it for ages) but I really like it! It comes out as a white powder, and you really only need a little. It’s going to last for a long time too, so yay!

Kong: Wild Knots Birds

This month saw the return of a Kong toy (we got one a few months back, my little bear that you can see below!). This time it was a red and white knot bird!

These knot plushies have rope in their bodies, which means they last longer than your normal plush. My little bear has been played with by both Oscar and I, and he’s still hanging in there! (Ok, he’s missing some bits, but he’s still here!)

He also comes with a little stuffing (so there’s not too much of a mess when we pooches eventually get into his belly!) and one of my most favourite things, a squeaker! Mom said to make sure I say it’s not a super loud squeaker, just in case other pawrents don’t like them 😉


Also, bonus points to Pooch Post for sending the toy that is in the colours of my county! (Red and white are the County Cork colours, just in case you didn’t know 😉 )

PawBakes: Cupcake Baking Kit

Last but by no means least, we have a fun baking kit from PawBakes! How cute is this?! I get to make my own pupcakes at home! Well, mom will make them, but still!

The ingredients are all human grade (so you know they’re good!) and the kit is a peanut butter flavour with doggie-chocolate icing! There are even small little cupcase cases for them! All you need to make them is a bun tray, one medium egg, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and some water (3 tablespoons).

Now at the moment I cannot go into more details on how they turned out, because we haven’t made them yet! Mom said she’s going to help me make them so we can do a full review of them by themselves, which should be fun! So please keep a look out for that coming down the line 🙂

Value Comparison

The Pooch Post show should have all of these in stock very soon if you want to shop all in one place 😉 You can visit the shop here: At the time of writing this review they were not all up yet, so I went around to the different sites and gathered up the prices of each product. I hope this will help you see for yourself the value for money you can expect from Pooch Post.

This brings to total value of this month’s Pooch Post to €28.30.

The different price plans Pooch Post have in place include:

  • 1 month: €29
  • 3 months: €81 (€27 per box)
  • 6 months: €144 (€24 per box)

Note: Shipping is free for both Ireland and the UK!

As with the last box, I feel like this is a very good deal! You get a number of different treats, toys and/or accessories delivered to your door each month and I think this is a great way of trying out new things that you know have been tested already (Remember, if it’s not good enough for Lilly then it doesn’t go in the box!).

Also, you get an even better deal if you use one of Pooch Post’s discount codes!

Discount Code

If you’re feeling tempted, I have three different codes you can use (only one per order though ;)). The first are two 10% codes, one from the newsletter of COLDNOSES! And the second is the code WOOF. These codes will work across all of the plans.

However, there’s currently a 30% off code going if you want to go for a 3-month package! It’s only available until the 10th of September, so grab it while you can! That would work out at €56.70 in total, which is only €18.90 per box!

If that has convinced you, then pop over to their site and use this code to get 30% off: 3MONTH30


If you’re reading this later and the 30% deal is gone, then I can suggest keeping an eye on Pooch Post’s social media accounts too. They always have discounts popping up to give their customers even better value for money!

Final Thoughts

This box gets four paws up from me! The Soopa treats are long gone, as is the cookie from Cheeky Dog Bakery. All of my meals now have antler powder on them (and I’ve had no tummy issues from it 🙂 ), and my Kong Knot bird is getting tossed around the room nightly! I even gave him a new hairstyle (I trimmed it down a little with my teeth 😉 ). I’ve yet to try the cupcake baking kit, but I’m sure that will be fun too!

Here’s to September’s box! 😀

I hope you enjoyed my review! Please let me know if you have any feedback in the comments below, or visit me on any of my socials 🙂

Until next time, thank you very much for reading!


* Pooch Post very kindly supplied this month’s box to me to review. All opinions in this review are my own and are very honest. I like to say it as it is! 😉 If I don’t like something, I promise I will tell you!