luLickWoof and hello everyone!

So what’s the story with little me, you may ask? 🙂

My name is Lu and I’m a little female Yorkshire Terrier from County Cork, Ireland. I was born on the 9th of May 2014 and I came into my pawrents lives on the 26th of July. I’m definitely the gem in their lives! 😉

I spend my days pestering my cousin Oscar (he’s a Shiba Inu, check him out on his Instagram!), playing with my Piggie and napping in cosy spaces.

Where did I get my name?

There’s a little story behind my name that I enjoy telling 🙂

You see, long before I was even born my mommy knew she wanted to get a Yorkie. She also knew that she’d like said Yorkie to have an ironic name (like when a big dog is called Tiny, or a dog with black fur is called Snowy). So, since Yorkies are small in size (but not in manner, I can tell you that!) she wanted a strong and powerful name. It was my auntie (Oscar’s mom) who suggested Lieutenant, which my mom fell in love with, and it got shortened to Lu!

Mom still has to get me my army bandanna and a Lieutenant’s badge 😉

So, why a blog?

It all started when my mom got the idea of starting a new Instagram account, just for me, since she had taken (and still takes!) so many photos of me. She got inspired by pups such as Mochi and the City and thought it would be a bit of fun! Ever since I started using my account, there has been a new photo up there every single day (still an unbroken record as of the time of writing this) and I’ve got to meet so many wonderful new furends because of it.

Instagram is great for sharing my daily antics, but I wanted a space where I could write up longer posts about different things and show off more than one photo at a time. So, naturally, a blog was the answer! I’m hoping to bring a new review, report, article or random rambles every now and again. Paws crossed you enjoy them!