A New Adventure: Raw Food Diet

Hello furends!

It’s been a while since I got my little paws on the keyboard and typed up a blog entry! (283 days to be exact… Whoops!) Even though it has been a while, I really wanted to get back on the blogging train to share with you my new adventure! And that adventure is… Changing my diet to a raw food diet!

Yorkies are known to be fussy eaters. It’s been an ongoing issue that my pawrents have been dealing with where I would sometimes go days without eating properly (the odd piece of kibble here and there) until they would resort to chicken and rice just so I had something in my little body (mmmmmm got to love that chicken!). Now while I looooooved getting chicken and rice (which pooch doesn’t?) my pawrents were getting worried that I wasn’t getting enough nutrients.

This worry escalated when about a month ago I walked into the room and my little joints were clicking with each step I took. I’m only 3!!! I’m a bit young for such clicky joints! Taking fish oils helped my joints a little, but since I wasn’t eating a lot, I wasn’t getting enough fish oil either.

So that’s where the raw food diet came in.

My mom had looked it up before and it all sounded very promising. I asked for some opinions and advice over on my Twitter (@MyFluffyDay) and I got some great replies. Thanks to all of you who replied!

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After reading all of the advice, we were sold! At the very least, we thought “What harm could it do?”. We already knew who we wanted to order from too!


We met K9-Kitchen at the Pet Expo Ireland in Dublin last year and they explained to us then about their products. They package all the ingredients fresh, freeze it to keep it as good as new, and deliver for free (in Ireland) the following day (if you order before 2pm Monday-Thursday).

We placed our order of their A Bit Of Everything option, which contains 30 boxes of 500g servings (that’s a lot of meat! Make sure you have enough room in your freezer!). That is 15kg of food! And it was only €50!

In preparation for the delivery, we messaged K9-Kitchen on their Facebook to ask how much food I would need on a daily basis. They answered super quickly and said that for a three year old Yorkie that weighs around 2.6kg / 6lbs, I would need between 150g and 180g daily.

Now, if you were worried that a Raw Diet would be expensive, that order we placed worked out at about 100 days of food (at 150g a day)! That’s only 50 cent per day for fresh meals. Not bad! I know most dogs are bigger than I am, but that’s still pretty good value I think 🙂

We placed our order on a Sunday night, but due to a system mess up it wasn’t shipped until Thursday. Mom rang K9-Kitchen Thursday morning to check the status of our order, and they quick noticed that our order (and two others) that had been entered into the courier system on Monday had glitched and disappeared. My mom works on building software systems and totally understood how that can happen sometimes!

K9-Kitchen remedied the situation right away (super nice customer service might I add!) and our order arrived first thing Friday morning (this morning as I am writing this!).

The box was biiiiiig! Just look at little me standing inside it!

When we cracked it open, all the boxes were very neatly packaged and well frozen, as promised! Thankfully my dad it a Tetris master and he managed to get everything into one drawer in our freezer 😉

Because the meat was all well frozen, I had to wait until dinner time to try my first dish. We decided to go with the Duck and Vegetable first! I got 60g for my meal, approximately half of my daily amount.

I knew there was something nice up on the counter, I was following my mom around with very excited eyes, ears perked, tail up and paw raised! I was licking my chops for a good five minutes before my dish was placed on the floor. How tasty does this look? 😉

So what did I think of it… I cleared the bowl! Not a crumb was left! My pawrents were delighted as it was the first full meal I’ve eaten in a couple of weeks.

I know this is only my first meal, but it’s a good start! Hopefully I’ll like the other flavours just as much (Beef & Vegetable and Chicken & Vegetable). I’m confident that I will 🙂

One of the things that my pawrents want to do is get smaller containers to split up each box into meal-sized portions. When you thaw a box out, it has to be used within two days (so four meals for me). Since I wouldn’t eat 500g over two days (I would only eat about half), thawing a full box each time would waste half the food. So to avoid this, smaller containers or zip-lock bags for the freezer are the answer!

I hope you enjoyed my blog about the start of my Raw Food journey! I hope to do write ups every now and again on any of the ups/downs/good/bad things when it comes to eating a Raw Diet.

If you have any questions, comments or advice, please leave them below or on one of my socials! I’d love to get a discussion going on this topic 🙂

Until next time furends!