Review: Pooch Post – October 2016

lupumpkin Woof and hello to everyone!

Welcome back to my little fluffy corner of the internet 🙂 It’s the start of November and Howl-a-ween has come and gone! Did you dress up or go do anything fun for the day? 🙂 My mom had got me a little devil outfit, but I wouldn’t play along for a photo (devils do what they want, don’t they? I was just playing in character hehe 😀 ). I did pose for a photo though with our fun new pumpkin, Chauncy! He’s quite the smiler isn’t he? 😀

The start of a new month also means it’s time for my next Pooch Post review! I actually got to meet the owner of Pooch Post, Stephen, at the Pet Expo on Dublin last month! 2016-10_petexpolu The wonderful Lilly was there too! She’s the pooch who’s the face of the company. She was super sleepy from meeting everyone so while she napped I grabbed a quick cuddle and a photo with Stephen 🙂 He and the rest of the Pooch Post crew were so lovely to chat to! They really care about pooches and what we like, and it was so nice to finally meet the brains behind the Pooch Post wagon (and her pawrents 😉 ).

Seeing all the goodies from previous boxes at the Pooch Post stand got me excited to see what we would get for October, and once again I was not disappointed! Let’s get into the review!

What is Pooch Post?

pooch_post_logo_compact Just in case you don’t know what Pooch Post is, let me tell you! Pooch Post is a subscription box service based in Ireland. The service consists of one box each month, delivered to your door, full with a number of toys, treats, accessories and more for your pooch. It’s like a birthday present in the post each month!

All of the products are tried and tested by the main lady, Lilly. She has the fun job of making sure each toy and treat is tasty and fun to play with before it goes into the box. This way, the Pooch Post crew know that what they are sending out gets the wag of approval and is good to go!

If you would like to learn more about Pooch Post, pop over to their site here:

So, what did you get this month?

October’s box had five more fun and yummy items for us pooches to get our little (or big, depending on your breed 😉 ) jaws around; 3 treats and 2 toys!

Soopa: Coconut Chews

2016-10-23_16-35-52 The first treats to grab the attention of my little nose were the Coconut Chews by Soopa. Soopa is an Irish company who works with Pooch Post to give us one of their treats in each box. While the treats are super healthy and low calorie, that doesn’t take away from the fact that they are delicious!

These treats are always a winner with us, they make great bedtime snacks. This month we noticed that Soopa had changed how they chopped up the coconut a little. Rather than it being small chunks of coconut, they looked more like shavings. This was great news for me because it meant I could eat them much easier! Now, it also meant I finished my treat faster, but hey, that just means more time for more treats right? 😉

The Coconut Chews are 100% coconut pieces, nothing added or taken away, which boast some pretty good health benefits for your pooch. These include:

  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Rich in Vitamin E & Powerful Anti Oxidants
  • Helps maintain healthy skin and coat
  • Supports healthy weight management

At the moment Soopa have three flavours on the market, but they were also at the Pet Expo last month with some tasters of their new flavours! Mom picked me up a little pick-a-mix cup of treats and that cup is long empty! I can’t wait to see the new flavours on the shelves and to try out their new chew sticks!

Trixie: Ball with Bumps

2016-10-23_16-36-28 The first of the two toys is a ball from the pet toy brand Trixie. This ball is not like your normal round ball, this one is made from natural rubber and is covered in bumps! At first we weren’t sure why there were bumps all over it, but as soon as my pawrents tested it out they knew why.

The bumps cause the ball to bounce all over the place! You could throw it forwards, but it could bounce off to the side as soon as it hits the floor. You never know! This makes a game of fetch with this ball much more entertaining as your dog is kept on their toes 🙂

Now sadly, I’ve never been much of a ball pup. I prefer soft toys with squeakers over balls anyday, but that doesn’t mean this toy has gone to waste! My Shiba Inu cousin, Oscar, was more than happy to take this toy as his own and he spent a lot of his fetch games since chasing this ball around the hallway. He didn’t even need my aunt to throw it for him sometimes; it would just bounce away in a different direction when he dropped it. The rubber gives it a pretty good bounce 🙂

It also came in my mom’s favourite colour, red, so that’s also a plus 😉

James Wellbeloved: CrackerJacks with Duck

2016-10-23_16-34-44 The next treat we got in this box was a some yummy CrackJacks with Duck from the James Wellbeloved company. I met a lovely guy from this company at Pet Expo too and he was super friendly! He explained to us how their hypo-allergenic treats (like this one) are great for pooches with diabetes, different food intolerances or skin sensitivities. The company is from the UK and have started to come into the Irish market in the last few months.

I’m glad to hear this too! Because their treats are really nice! These duck flavoured treats are in cute bone shapes and went down well with both Oscar and myself. Another fun bedtime treat! (It’s no wonder we both get super excited for bedtime with all of these treats to pick from :D)

Another tasty treat that has no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. More for me please! 😀

Naturo: Liver & Cranberry Biscotti

2016-10-23_16-35-10 My mom says that a good cup of tea and a nice biscuit can make any cold evening feel cosy. Now, I have some doggie tea, so I’m halfway there, but I never had a doggie biscuit (treats are different to the biscuits I mean here 😉 ). Until now!

Pooch Post sent us out some Liver and Cranberry Biscotti biscuits from Naturo Pet Foods, and they are delicious! These baked dog treats are slow oven baked until crunchy and good for teeth, and while being wheat and gluten free is great, but being made of 20% liver is even better (in my opinion 😉 ). The cranberries also help to prevent urinary tract infections, which is an extra bonus.

Now I just need mom to make me some tea! 😉

Trixie: Plush Chicken

2016-10-23_16-37-52 The last, but certainly not least, item from the October box was my new favourite toy from Trixie! I got a yellow striped chicken and, like I said above, I’m a soft-toy-with-squeaker kind of pup so I was very happy 😉 My mom was also glad to hear that the squeaker was not one of those very loud pitched ones, it was more of a honk sound that a high-pitched squeak.

We have had a number of Trixie toys in the past (we still have some of them) and they hold up well during playtime. Oscar got a hold of my poor chicken at one point and he’s down a leg now and his beak is gone, but everything else works perfectly so all good! Looks don’t mean everything, it’s the heart (or squeaker) inside that counts 😉

Oh also, if you don’t like the yellow stripes, this chicken toy comes in a number of different colours to choose from. So there’s a toy for each pup’s taste! 🙂

Value Comparison

To show you the great value each box is, I like to gather up the recommended retail prices of each item and total them up for you. The online Pooch Post shop stocks up on most of the items from each box, so if you liked the look of any of these you should be able to find them here:

This brings to total value of this month’s Pooch Post to €24.25.

The different price plans Pooch Post have in place include:

  • 1 month: €29
  • 3 months: €81 (€27 per box)
  • 6 months: €144 (€24 per box)

Note: Shipping is free for both Ireland and the UK!

Seems like another winner for me! And if you use one of the discount codes that Pooch Post often give out, you can get even better value for your money!

Discount Codes

To get 10% off your first order, use the following code: WOOF

At the time of writing this, Pooch Post have an amazing 30% off deal going for new customers! Which means you could get up to €43.20 off your plan if you go for the 6-month option (which works out at just €16.80 per box on this plan)!

The code is: GV8TW6
There are deals going on all the time, so check out any of Pooch Post’s socials below for new deals and offers 🙂

Final Thoughts

Some solid old favourites mixes with some new ones makes for one very happy Yorkie! I’m going to have to go on extra long Winter walks to work off all of these treats hehe 😉

What did you think of October’s box? Are you tempted to sign up for your pooch? Is there anything extra you would like to see from me on my reviews? Please let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear from you! 🙂

Until next time my furends, thank you very much for reading! Chat soon!


* Pooch Post very kindly supplied this month’s box to me to review. All opinions in this review are my own and are very honest. I like to say it as it is! 😉 If I don’t like something, I promise I will tell you!


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