Woof and Welcome!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet and to my very first blog post! This is very exciting! Lots of tail wagging going on right now! 😀

Super quick introduction (you can read more about me on my About page if you’d like 😉 ): My name is Lu and I’m a two year old Yorkshire Terrier from Ireland. I live with my pawrents, my auntie, and my Shiba Inu cousin, Oscar.

I will be writing up some rambles, reviews and reports for you (with the help of mom, it’s hard to type with paws!), which I hope you will enjoy.

I have my very first review coming up very, very soon! It’s a review of the July box from the wonderful people and pooches over at Pooch Post, so please stay tuned for that 😀


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